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Monday, October 2nd, 2017 2:15 PM PDT

robert at Karie's Backyard Jam, Art & Potluck October 7


Karie's Backyard Jam, Art & Potluck

Join the fun in the Santa Cruz mountains! RSVP to karie@karie.com to get the address and enjoy an afternoon of music, art and community at Karie Hillery's home on the creek, in beautiful Boulder Creek California.

Once Karie receives your email RSVP she'll reply with the exact address.

This is a casual event rather than a formal concert.

Karie Hillery - conscious pop
robert temple - social/political songwriter
Bev Barnett & Greg Newlon - soulful folk/blues

Bev Barnett - recycled guitar string jewelry
robert temple - upcycled lamps from reclaimed materials
Shelley Sonnenberg - mandalas

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 11:38 AM PST

New You Tube Video

I have released a new song on my You Tube Channel,  www.youtube.com/brokenpretzel    and   https://youtu.be/ipmrwK8TgNM for that song.
It is actually a song I wrote and recorded some 20 years ago called “Same Window with a Different View”
I recorded it to honor Barbara Boerner who recently passed away.  She was the co-owner along with her husband, Hans of the Alcatraz Shade Shop
I worked as a subcontractor there for many years installing window coverings.
Barb was a very kind and generous person who cared deeply about the world.  She will be missed by all who knew her.
Thursday, September 1st, 2016 9:11 AM PDT

New Video----(Donald Trump) he don't like you

newest song in my youtube video series
Friday, July 1st, 2016 9:22 AM PDT

robert playing at Nanci Armstrong Temple for City Council Berkeley District 2 Kick off

My amazing daughter in law, Nanci Armstrong Temple is running for Berkeley City Council District 2.
Her kickoff event is Saturday July 2 from 2-5 PM at San Pablo Park in Berkeley.
i will be playing a 3 song set there around 2:15.
there will be poets, music, food speakers etc
here is the link to the event https://www.facebook.com/events/190344878032325/202901406776672/?notif_t=admin_plan_mall_activity&notif_id=1466908260069838...
See More
Thursday, April 14th, 2016 8:59 AM PDT

robert live in studio YouTube series continues

there are now 5 videos up in my robert temple live in studio you tube series.
these are versions of previously unrecorded songs played live in my studio with introductions and the occasional view of said studio and pedalboard
Thursday, March 24th, 2016 10:14 AM PDT

robert live in studio YouTube series

on the second and fourth thursday of every month indefinitely, robert will be playing a song live in the studio with 7 string and looper.
be sure to subscribe at www.youtube.com/brokenpretzel
Thursday, June 12th, 2014 9:08 AM PDT

robert recovered from remodel and playing July 6 at Temescal Street Fair

So it has come to pass that the bathrooms and kitchen of my old place have entered the modern age…..a welcome change.
It is amazing what you can do with plastic over your porch and a frig , hotplate, microwave and toaster oven.
 Now I am polishing up my chops and working up to an exciting set again this year at the Temescal Street Fair on July 6, Sunday.
Saturday, November 10th, 2012 6:47 PM PST

send Mitt Packing

send Mitt packing back to La Jolla (or one of those other five houses)

We’ve all heard the speeches and the facts and the lack thereof and we’ve seen the debates.
This much I know in my heart of hearts and deep in my gut.
Mitt Romney cares only about one thing…..getting elected so he can serve the privileged class he has always been a member of.
There is not a shred of sincerity in the man.
He lies at the drop of a hat and with an almost straight (but often smirking) face
I do not think Obama is a savior but his direction is just better, a lot better.
I have been consumed with issues of peace and social justice since I was a teenager.
I never thought we’d be fighting these same issues so long and facing this desperate attempt to turn our gains backwards at this point of my life.
Send Mitt packing
Saturday, November 10th, 2012 6:43 PM PST

Obama no savior but Better

I never thought of Barack Obama as a savior, from George Bush or really anything else. But I was still excited that he was elected president. It had less to do with him and more to do with the aspirations of the people for a better wa
It was a veritable bomb on the American political landscape for a person of color to have been elected president.
I wrote then and believe now, that people needed to get and stay in the streets in order to create the conditions for any politician to stand up for progressive values. Some people got in the street. Many have not. This disarming of the liberal to progressive left is one of the unfortunate byproducts of his election. Obama has had a middle of the road nature pretty much all along. He has bent over backwards to find common ground with Republicans, who would just as soon see large numbers of people living on cat food than to allow a few surplus shekels to slip from the grip of their class of the privileged.
Guantanamo Bay is still open, despite his promise to close it. Drones are killing civilians in Pakistan and engendering decades of anger towards us. The National Defense Authorization Act NDAA allows the killing of American civilians without a trial and it goes on. Obama did not stand clearly with the folks in Wisconsin who stood up to Scott Walker’s union busting and he did not openly support Occupy (which was the most progressive challenge to the system in decades).
There are also accomplishments. Despite the fact that Obama Care is modeled after a Republican model and is miles away from national health care, which is the only humane option, it does at least make the point that people deserve healthcare and provides some benefits therein. Romney would have you find your way to the emergency room and see what happens.
The ending of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the Amnesty for undocumented immigrants’ children (over the protestation of the squealing right wing set) are positive developments.
Obama’s plans for the economy include at least some semblance of greater taxation for the really wealthy and in that it is miles from the Romney/Ryan plan.
Obama believes in and promotes a policy that includes funding for contraception and a woman’s right to choose. Romney? Disaster!
Obama will pick more reasonable people to be on the Supreme Court who will have to deal with the horribly reactionary crew of right wing ideologues who almost own the place now.
We are saddled with a horrible two party system that poses as democracy while money is in charge and our choices for representation are truly limited.
I don’t know what the best strategy is for breaking free of this. I would encourage you to vote for Obama and make plans for how to make real change.

2011 temple time music (ascap)
robert temple
po box 3183
oakland, ca. 94609
510 654 2329
rise up

I’ll take a little socialism any day
Than a government that wants to give away
More to those who live so high
While the rest of us are just getting by

Them that’s got ain’t got no shame
While they watch so many folks
Circling down the drain

Rise up if you give a damn
Rise up while you still can
No politician ever moves without a strong demand
Rise up rise up rise up
Rise up rise up

Nickled and dimed, and dollared too
They call it class war while they turn that screw
You waged it on us and when we turn your lies around
You call out the cops to make it safe in “your” town

Them that’s got ain’t got no shame
While they watch so many folks
Circling down the drain

Rise up if you give a damn
Rise up while you still can
No politician ever moves without a strong demand
Rise up rise up rise up
Rise up rise up

Now we’ve been writing letters, registering our dissent
We’ve been voting our conscience, nothing is changing yet
We’ve camped at the hollow halls of justice
With tear gas billy clubs and sweat
And if they’ve ever given us anything but the major shaft
We haven’t seen it yet we haven’t seen it yet

Rise up rise up rise up
Rise up rise up

Thursday, October 11th, 2012 11:28 AM PDT

Empty Shell that is Mitt Romney

It is hard to say which issue most bothers me about Mitt Romney and the Republican  Party.
It is clear that Mitt Romney will say or do almost anything to get elected.
It is also clear that he substitutes talking points for principles.
One image that stands so large in my mind is at the Republican Convention when Romney said that “Obama promised to begin to slow down the rise of the oceans….and to heal the planet.   My promise is to help you and your family”
He played this for a laugh and got it.  Truly stunning. 
Romney has promised to end funding for Planned Parenthood (the only source of healthcare for many women) and to support a constitutional amendment that says life begins at conception and thereby end legal abortion and much contraception.  He does not believe that women should be able to control their own bodies. (despite the fact that his own mother was decidedly pro choice)
Romney discounted 47% of the American people with his now famous video’d comments in Florida.   This was the most animated and excited I had ever heard him up till that time.
Romney is completely out of touch with the average American with his mansion in La Jolla and 5 other houses and his brazen refusal to release his income taxes,  as most presidential candidates do.  His record at Bain Capital exhibits complete disdain for anything but profit for his company. His claim to be a job creator is a  bad joke.
His comments about world issues are saber rattling, opportunist and ignorant.  He attempts to appeal to a form of nationalism that says whatever America wants America gets by subterfuge or force of arms.
The attempt by the Republican Party to carry out widespread voter suppression despite the fact that it is almost non-existent,  is an affront to anyone who believes in the right of people to vote.  (so far the main voter fraud has been the Republicans hiring of a contractor who turned in illegible, incorrect, and falsified voter registration forms)
     All of this does not mean that I am a Democrat or strong supporter of Barack Obama.   I believe that the Democrats are very much a corporate party. Although I don’t believe our fundamental economic and political contradictions will be solved, I  think that the lives of ordinary people will be somewhat better if Obama wins.
  I used to work in a steel mill.  Your very life is in the hands of other people in that situation. One develops a sense of peoples gut nature there.  This was also true when I worked high rise construction and as a cab driver.  You need your gut to survive.
 My gut is twisted over the possibility of an empty shell like Mitt Romney being elected president.
Monday, May 11th, 2009 9:38 PM PDT

May 29 Celebration of International Peace Prize for Jacke Cabazzo

robert was asked to play at this event and will be joined by Heather Davison on vocals (see Tour Page for details)